Saturday, June 12, 2010


The word spirituality brings to our mind saffron cloth, rudraksh beads and the half naked sages and saints chanting in delirium while braving the cold and heights of Himalayas. But on the second thought, doesn’t it seem a bit too farfetched?? The dictionary defines spirituality as “the quality of being concerned with religion or human spirit.” I guess we need to take a look around and ponder upon the given definition. Spirituality in today’s world has taken a completely new dimension. Especially the youth these days may or may not follow religion, but they do believe and indulge in spirituality. To them, spirituality is not about religion, rather it is an essence of mind, where they tend to open up, discover and accept newer thoughts and facts about themselves, their surroundings and their very own spirit.
People today are getting increasingly more aware of themselves inside and outside their body. The quest for soul which earlier used to be the undisputed arena of saints and yogis is now being adopted by an elitist and a commoner on a similar basis. The knowledge of their ‘Karma’ and faith in the same gives them strength and peace of mind. People have become the makers of their own present and are gaining respect by relying more on themselves and their spirit. They are also more conscious and aware of their thoughts. Their thought process is evolving, expanding and is continuously levelling up.
However, did anybody even wonder that why such a drastic change in the process occur? Or how spirituality became a tool to help people banish their fears and come out more in the open? Or even, if spirituality is for real? These questions tickle our brains and set us thinking. Maybe the world had drowned into too much cynicism that the people needed a lifeboat to tug onto. Or maybe the cyber space lives had become too fuzzy that they needed a cyborg to rescue them. Or maybe being spiritual is just the latest brand of fashion symbol amongst the teenagers today. Or even maybe their own vulnerability and frugality had hit them in the eye, and spirituality came to their rescue where they could forget all their troubles and experience a moment of peace.
Whatever the reason be, more and more people are bending towards spirituality as their saviour and opening up their minds and arms wide to welcome it. Come what may now, spirituality is here to stay....


  1. I do agree spirituality is here for good, but we don't have to stick to its textbook definitions, do we? Everyone believes in something or the other, and that's how his/her spirit responds, and that, becomes his/her spirituality. You don't have to follow a saint or something to be a spiritual man/lady. A punk rocker, with his bloazing tattoos and pierces tongues and belly can be spiritual, or a prostitute (despite her profession) can be spiritual, or even a drug dealer can be so.

    That's the difference between religion and spirituality. Religion asks you to follow a strict doctrine, whereas spirituality, or being contemporarily known as New Age, is all about having that flex and minding one's own business!

    As for the topic, it was interesting, we can debate on it more. :D

  2. well i guess we have similar viewpoints. it would be more of a discussion than a debate :)

  3. nicely written :)